Serenity The Sea Turtle


Turtles are such an important part of our family.  Growing up, my aunt was on the rescue list for both box turtles and endangered desert tortoises.  She has always had them.  Then I met my now husband.  His Native American name is Turtle and it could not be more fitting.  As a result, my house is resplendent with turtles.  So, when I decided to make an ocean themed pattern, and my hippocapus gave me fits, I turned to the sea turtle.  My dear friend Berta encouraged me through the making and shaping of the fins, and in crafting her, I found a deep peace in creating that has been missing this last month.  And so Serenity was born.  Her pattern is currently with my testers, but she is going to be released on Friday and I am giving away 2 copies of her pattern!  You can head over to my Facebook page and check out the pinned post for details!  How do you find Serenity in your life?Serenity1.jpg