Day 2 – Thomas Hewitt the Mini Hugging Leatherface



Welcome to the second day of October! Thomas Hewitt, or as he is better known, Leatherface,is ready to wreck someone’s day with his chainsaw, but at least he will get a new face out of the deal.

Special for 2017, Greybriar Hollow presents the 31 days of Halloween. Each day in October one pattern (minimum) will be released. I hope you enjoy making this little Halloween Horror Hugger. Each hugger also comes with a pattern for his or her weapon of destruction. From Carrie’s bucket of pig blood (the catalyst for her power) to Jason’s Machete, From Pinhead’s cube to Ash’s chainsaw hand and Boomstick, no one is left behind.

Each Hugger uses 7” rollers in the arms to make them poseable and 15mm safety eyes. Greybriar Hollow uses and recommends

Please join us for more fun at Greybriar Hollow all month long.

Each hugger also can be made using roughly 175 yards of yarn.


31 Days of Halloween Horror Characters!



Join me at Greybriar Hollow  or on the Greybriar Hollow CAL page for Halloween fun all month long!  Each day one of these amazing hugging Halloween Horror characters will be released.  They are 30% off without the code, or you can visit the pages each day to get a code for the pattern of the day!  If you prefer, an ebook is available with all of the patterns at a HUGE discount.

The Possessesion is Coming



I am really excited to announce that Regan’s pattern will be released on Ravelry on August 31st.  She will be my final pattern release for August, but September has some exciting things on the way!  A coupon code will be listed here, exclusive for blog readers so stay tuned….

The Unlikely Tale of Two Friends


Nos and Nib

May I introduce you to the tale of Nos-Fur-Atu and Count Nubbles, two unlikely comrades VAMP 1vamp2Vamp3Vamp4Vamp5Vamp6Vamp7Vamp8

Thank you being here, on my blog.  I would love for you to subscribe.  But I would also love to give you 25% off your choice of Count Nibbles, Nos-Fur-Atu, the Demented Dust Bunnies, The Sharknado or Lucy Morbid.  You can find them all in my Ravelry Shop.

Use code: CREEPYFRIENDS to save.

Sometimes A Swap Calls for Barf


I run a series of swaps between a very amazing and talented group of designers and amigurumi artists. Its amazing how being around a group of people like that makes a person want to step up their game.  Why, you might ask, would I title this post ANYTHING about barfing then?   It just so happens that the theme of this particular swap was Hollywood- films and tv shows.  And it just so happens that my swap partner is a big fan of the Exorcist.  What better and more iconic scene is out there, than the splt pea soup barfing scene?  If there is one, I don’t know what it might be.  And so, I had to.  Eventually (like in the next week) the pattern will be revised from this doll, and go off to testers to be released on Ravelry.  But for now, I can rest easy knowing the possessed has left my house and is in transit across the US. Regan 3.jpg