The Possessesion is Coming



I am really excited to announce that Regan’s pattern will be released on Ravelry on August 31st.  She will be my final pattern release for August, but September has some exciting things on the way!  A coupon code will be listed here, exclusive for blog readers so stay tuned….

The Unlikely Tale of Two Friends


Nos and Nib

May I introduce you to the tale of Nos-Fur-Atu and Count Nubbles, two unlikely comrades VAMP 1vamp2Vamp3Vamp4Vamp5Vamp6Vamp7Vamp8

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Don’t Wanna Get Eaten By The Sharknado







Go, go, go, go, go, go, go

Run away from the sharknado

It’s your greatest foe, foe, foe

Don’t wanna get eaten by the sharknado

By air, by land, by sea

I see that sharknado coming for me

I can’t run, I can’t hide

I just don’t wanna die


Ok, Ok, now I have THAT song stuck in my head again.  The fact is that I have this insane thing for bad Sci-Fy original creature features.  I used to say the cheesier the better, but after the new SHarknado movie came out, I am drastically rethinking that.  I mean, light sabers?  COME ON!  But the first two were delightfully lame and cheesy, with bad one liners and improbably events.  And my kids think they are cool cool.  So, I had to make a Sharknado,.  But there was a caveat.  I wanted the sharks to be mean and real looking.  I didn’t want androgenous sea creatures.

It was with this in mind, that the crocheted Sharknado was born!  Inside its whirling, you will find a Great White, a Thresher, a Goblin Shark, a Hammerhead, a Whale Shark (Because you know they aren’t scary at all but can you imagine being squashed by one!?” and a Nurse Shark.  Directions are even included on making the twister.

And if you just love the sharks, I have some good news.  Larger versions of a couple of them are coming soon.  Specifially I have been asked to make the goblin shark and thresher into larger, more cuddly versions.

My kids have had a blast.  They load up the ‘nado with the sharks and start spinning it, slinging sharks at each other!   Of course, they sing the theme song the whole time.  It’s hilarious to watch them shriek and run away from flying sharks.

You can make your own, or if you are wanting to purchase one already completed, you can find them listed in my Etsy shop.


Exorcist Head



What in the world is this a picture of, you might ask.  Let me tell you, this is amazing, thats what it is!  It is a ball joint to allow my Exorcist pattern to spin her head completely around in a most possessed manner.   I am tweaking my original design and reworking it to include this baby!  I cannot wait to experiment with this technique even more.  I have to thank one of my testers for showing me a tutorial on turning heads, when the question of making Regan’s head spin, came up in a discussion!  You can watch the awesomeness here.

FNAF Foxy with LED Eyes


I have made Foxy before, but for my daughter’s birthday I wanted to do something really special.  With some help from my husband, I made this Foxy, complete with LED lights in the eyes.  The wires run through his head, inside his body and to a special pocket in his rump that opens.  She can push the button and light up his eyes.  His arms and legs are moveable as well.  This is one of my all time favorite projects!

Sometimes A Swap Calls for Barf


I run a series of swaps between a very amazing and talented group of designers and amigurumi artists. Its amazing how being around a group of people like that makes a person want to step up their game.  Why, you might ask, would I title this post ANYTHING about barfing then?   It just so happens that the theme of this particular swap was Hollywood- films and tv shows.  And it just so happens that my swap partner is a big fan of the Exorcist.  What better and more iconic scene is out there, than the splt pea soup barfing scene?  If there is one, I don’t know what it might be.  And so, I had to.  Eventually (like in the next week) the pattern will be revised from this doll, and go off to testers to be released on Ravelry.  But for now, I can rest easy knowing the possessed has left my house and is in transit across the US. Regan 3.jpg