Day 2 – Thomas Hewitt the Mini Hugging Leatherface



Welcome to the second day of October! Thomas Hewitt, or as he is better known, Leatherface,is ready to wreck someone’s day with his chainsaw, but at least he will get a new face out of the deal.

Special for 2017, Greybriar Hollow presents the 31 days of Halloween. Each day in October one pattern (minimum) will be released. I hope you enjoy making this little Halloween Horror Hugger. Each hugger also comes with a pattern for his or her weapon of destruction. From Carrie’s bucket of pig blood (the catalyst for her power) to Jason’s Machete, From Pinhead’s cube to Ash’s chainsaw hand and Boomstick, no one is left behind.

Each Hugger uses 7” rollers in the arms to make them poseable and 15mm safety eyes. Greybriar Hollow uses and recommends

Please join us for more fun at Greybriar Hollow all month long.

Each hugger also can be made using roughly 175 yards of yarn.


31 Days of Halloween Horror Characters!



Join me at Greybriar Hollow  or on the Greybriar Hollow CAL page for Halloween fun all month long!  Each day one of these amazing hugging Halloween Horror characters will be released.  They are 30% off without the code, or you can visit the pages each day to get a code for the pattern of the day!  If you prefer, an ebook is available with all of the patterns at a HUGE discount.

Favorite Pattern Giveaway!!


In case you missed the fun, yesterday we had a popularity contest for the Greybriar Hollow pattern.  It was definitely fun!  There was one clear winner, but before we get to that, lets take a look at the runners up.  This was definitely a contest for the record books.  And the contenders were all as different as they could be.

First up in 2nd place was Sharknado.  In like a whirling dervish, this is the pattern who definitely preferred cutting up in shop class over academics.  Sharknado is not limited by what science tells us can happen, but is always up for a ripping good time.


In 3rd pace we have Lucy Morbid.  She is the creepy pattern who sits in the corner and makes cryptic and dark comments to other patterns.  She is the one you go to when you need to learn more about the darker side of ami making.


In 4th place, is Fat Unicorn.  She is the chubby pattern who is super nice to everyone, but really doesn’t fit into any specific group.  She is too short and round to fit in with the other unicorns and their vain beauty, but everyone loves her anyway.


In 5th place, is everyone’s favorite witch pattern.  Winnifred is just waiting to be made for some unsuspecting child so she can practice putting spells on them.  She is still seeking youth, even though she is always going to be same age since she will of course be made from yarn.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

In 6th place is Sugar Skull Cat.  She is the artsy pattern, all about freedom of expression and letting your true colors show.  There is no wrong way to add color and design in her world.  She loves it all equally, but she tends to be caught up in art to the exclusion of all else.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And last in 7th place is everyone’s favorite couple.  Eartha and Edgar Fox pattern is just an all around fun time, and everyone loves them.  They are kind and thoughtful, the kind of pattern everyone wants to be around.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And now, the time has come to announce our winner.  Like any beauty queen, she came out WAY ahead, but her message is one of peace of serenity.  She has no idea of her own grace, content to spend her time bringing joy to others……Serenity!!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Let’s give a round of applause to our winner and runners up.  And now the details you have all been waiting for!


Because Serenity hit 200 favorites on Ravelry, I have decided to offer 200 free copies of her pattern!  These are limited use, and when they are gone they are gone.  The code you need to know is SERENITYLOVE  But that is not all.  I know the codes will go super fast, so I wanted to offer one final deal!  Add Serenity to your cart with ANY other pattern and get her free.  This is good through Friday at midnight.  Thank you all for your support and your votes!!   All patterns can be found in my Ravelry shop.  Click the image below to transport there automatically!

Ghost Rider


My husband’s very favorite comic book character is and has always been Ghost Rider.  While there are lots of superhero patterns out there, Ghost Rider has long been left out of the mix.  I have had an idea for him in the back of my mind for a while.  After making Sans and having so much fun with the skeleton shapes, I decided it was time to give Ghost Rider his time in yarn.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

To celebrate the release of this pattern, I am once again offering 100 free copies of the pattern to people who use the code: Pennancestare  Once the 100 codes are gone, you can still get Ghost Rider for 40% off through April 24th.

Fat Unicorn


I was on Facebook a while back and saw a picture that made me chuckle.  It was one of those days when I felt fabulous, and yet I could totally relate.   Let’s face it, after 7 kids, I definitely have a few rolls.  I try to remind myself that fabulous or as I have started calling it- Unicorn, is a state of mind!

Image result for I'm a fat unicorn

Then I got to thinking- in the wake of all the cutesy unicorns, that we needed a fat unicorn, for those days when you feel totally fabulous- or the days when you need to be reminded that you are totally fabulous.  Not all unicorns are tiny little things.  Wherever you are, right now- you can be a unicorn too!


For the first 100 downloads, using the code FABULOUS will get you a copy of Fat Unicorn for free.  After those 100 downloads are gone, she will be 2.00.  Everyone deserves to feel Unicorn!

Sans from Undertale


My kids love to play video games.  And usually that means they come to me to make them characters from their favorite games.  Usually I have no idea what these characters look like (thank you Google!!) but I do try to accommodate them if I can.  Their newest love is Undertale.  I have a whole batch of Undertale characters coming out, but the first one is Sans.  He was actually a birthday gift for my daughter, but when my friends saw it, they all said they needed the pattern too!  Turns out my kids aren’t the only ones who like video games and random characters.  My testers are finishing up Sans, and he should be available for release next weekend.  Which characters would you like to see made next?

Serenity The Sea Turtle


Turtles are such an important part of our family.  Growing up, my aunt was on the rescue list for both box turtles and endangered desert tortoises.  She has always had them.  Then I met my now husband.  His Native American name is Turtle and it could not be more fitting.  As a result, my house is resplendent with turtles.  So, when I decided to make an ocean themed pattern, and my hippocapus gave me fits, I turned to the sea turtle.  My dear friend Berta encouraged me through the making and shaping of the fins, and in crafting her, I found a deep peace in creating that has been missing this last month.  And so Serenity was born.  Her pattern is currently with my testers, but she is going to be released on Friday and I am giving away 2 copies of her pattern!  You can head over to my Facebook page and check out the pinned post for details!  How do you find Serenity in your life?Serenity1.jpg